Domestic Abuse Victim Speaks Out

A Coventry woman has been describing how her partner beat her up so badly that she nearly died.

Sinead Noone has been telling us how her abusive partner left her with sickening facial injuries after beating her up when she tried to leave.

Derrick Robinson has been jailed for 13 years after causing Sinead to suffer a fractured cheek, broken nose and black eyes – on February 14 last year.

Leicester Crown Court heard Robinson had been controlling and violent towards his 26-year-old partner for much of their nine-month relationship but, due to his emotional blackmail and threats, the abuse went unreported.

Sinead was initially bullied into adopting Robinson’s story that the injuries – sustained on February 15 at their Coventry home – were caused by her tripping face first onto a coffee table. 

But with support from specially-trained domestic abuse investigators at Coventry Police, plus her family, she summoned courage to report the attacks and end her torment. 

Robinson – who has a previous conviction for manslaughter – denied GBH but was found guilty by a unanimous jury at an earlier Leamington hearing and on Thursday (March 21) was sentenced to 13 years behind bars. He will serve a minimum of eight years in prison with an extended five year licence period allowing his behaviour to be managed. 

Speaking after the hearing Sinead, who’s taken the decision to share photos of her injuries which she took on her mobile phone, has urged other victims to seek help and report abuse before the violence escalates.

She said: “At first things were fine but he became controlling and aggressive. On Valentine’s Day he came home late and drunk…the next day I asked where he’d been and he exploded, repeatedly hitting and kicking me. I curled up in a ball on the floor and tried to protect myself. 

“I’d brushed previous incidents under the carpet: he put emotional pressure on me and each time convinced me it wouldn’t happen again or that I was somehow to blame.

 “I wish I’d walked out then and moved on but it’s easy to say in hindsight. I’d urge anyone caught in a violent relationship to look at the photos of my injuries and understand that unless they report abuse there’s a chance that could one day be them.

“It’s hard to push charges against someone you love and hope will change…but the time comes when you have to move on as life is too short.”

Sinead is now looking to work with domestic violence charities to help other women suffering at the hands of abusive partners and hopes her story will empower victims to take a stance and report abuse.

Robinson saw Sinead’s mother after the attack, asked for money and claimed she was ill in bed and wouldn’t be receiving visitors for several days – but she insisted on seeing her when she received “worrying” text messages from her daughter.

The court heard how her mother – who phoned an ambulance – was shocked at the severity of the injuries and that Robinson hadn’t sought medical help. 

X-rays confirmed Sinead suffered multiple eye socket fractures, a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and deep bruising to her chest. Her right eye was so badly swollen she couldn’t open it and a hospital ward clerk, a friend of Sinead’s, was unable to recognise her.

Investigating officer DC Clive Leftwich, said: “Robinson is a bully who thinks nothing of assaulting women…it was an outrageous attack on a defenceless woman.

“No-one should suffer domestic abuse in silence: there are many support groups in the West Midlands that can help victims break free from abusive relationships and move on with their lives – and of course it’s important that abusers face the consequences of their actions.