Eight In Custody And One Charged Over Staffordshire Protest

Protestors from London Palestine Action locked themselves on UAV Systems rooftop on Tuesday over the fighting in Gaza, claiming the company supplies the Israeli army.

Staffordshire Police say eight people are in custody and one person's been charged with aggravated trespass. 

29 -year- old Joseph Lee from Islington in London has been charged with aggravated assault.

 He was arrested on Wednesday and a condition of his bail means he can't return to Staffordshire. 

He will appear before Magistrates on 20th of August. 

Chief Inspector Jane Hewett from Staffordshire Police said: "Earlier this evening on Weds 6th August we decided to safely remove the protesters from the roof. 

"Throughout this operation our role has been to ensure the safety of all those involved, that includes the protesters, our staff and the wider community. 

"Our duty is to provide fair and balanced policing, we're here to keep the peace and to uphold the law, but when the law is broken we will take appropriate action. 

"Since the protest began highly trained police negotiators have been in regular conversation with the protesters and have explained on numerous occasions that their actions in this protest will result in their arrest for aggravated trespass. We have also continuously provided the protesters with the opportunity to safely and peacefully hand themselves to police officers. 

"We are very much aware of the disruption the actions of the protesters has had on the local community and businesses in the area and we have had to carefully balance our role in facilitating peaceful protest against any unlawful impact on the wider community. 

"We have developed a detailed plan to arrest the protesters in order to resolve the incident and allow the local community return to a state of normality. 

"Tonight has seen a team of highly trained officers carry out this plan in order to achieve a safe conclusion. 

(Picture @LondonPalestine)