Faster Broadband for Birmingham

Ten cities, including Birmingham, have been allocated a share of a £114 million broadband pot to transform them into ''digital leaders'', the Government has announced.

It's to get £10 million which Culture Secretary Maria Miller says would help provide businesses with ultrafast broadband of at least 80 to 100Mbps. 

It would allow the cities to compete with the world's top digital centres for business, investment and jobs by offering high-tech and digital companies the infrastructure they needed. 

Plans include extending ultrafast broadband to an extra 230,000 residential and 55,000 business premises by 2015. 

Ms Miller said: ''Fast broadband is essential for growth and is key to the country's economic future. These 10 cities have produced ambitious and comprehensive plans which will turn them into digital leaders and give their local economies a real boost. 

''The new investment will help put these cities at the centre of the digital stage, competing for jobs and investment with the best in the world.'' A second £50 million fund was announced in the Budget to be shared between 10 smaller cities.