Free Heart Screening Offered In Birmingham

200 young people are to get a free Heart check up at Villa Park in Birmingham

The event has been set up by Stourbridge dad Peter Teale, who's daughter Zoe, a fitness instructor, died in her sleep aged 23.

Around 12 young people a week are thought to die as a result of an undiagnosed Heart Condition, it's sometimes referred to as sudden adult death syndrome, or SADS.

Peter has now arranged for than more 1300 young people to get a free heart test to check for underlying problems.

He told Heart' Zoe was a beautiful daughter and I want to make sure people are aware of SADS. Zoe was a fitness instructor and unfortunately this can make the condition worse, so actually fit and health young people are at greater risk. We've had a few cases where young people have been tested and doctors have spotted a Heart problem which could have killed them if it wasn't spotted.

You can book an appointment at a future session by going to