Goodbye to Stretchmarks

Birmingham is one of three cities in the country to launch a new laser treatment to get rid of stretchmarks.


The new treatment - only FDA approved fractional laser treatment for stretchmarks on the market – promises to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, medically termed striae, by up to 75%.  With up to 90% of women affected by stretchmarks, around 23 million women in the UK could be candiates for the procedure. 

The Lux1540 fractional laser treatment dramatically reduces the appearance of stretchmarks after just a couple of treatments.  As well as eliminating stretchmarks, the laser, which has been FDA approved, can treat surgical scars, acne scars, dark skin patches (melasma) and other skin conditions. The treatment will be offered exclusively by Harley Medical Group in the UK. 


The laser works by generating micro-columns of coagulated tissue throught the epidermis into the dermis, thus evoking a wound healing response, which results in the significant and permanent improvement of deep scars like stretchmarks. Healthy tissue surrounding the micro-columns enables pigment normalisation within the micro-columns of tissue.


stretchmarks after


*Prices quoted by the Harley Medical Group start from £350 with many patients spending around £1200 for 4 sessions.