Help for Parents

The NHS is helping parents in parts of Birmingham to take better control over their children’s eating habits with a series of group sessions.

From today (13 September) NHS Birmingham East and North is running the sessions at children’s centres around the area to offer practical help to parents. The sessions will give advice on portion size and how to manage snacking, as well as tips on how to make changes at home and encouraging the family to do more exercise. Mums and dads coming along to the groups will be given free plates and bowls for their kids, which show the best portion sizes to use at home, as well as leaflets with information to share with family and friends.

While their parents take part in the group, the children will be read a short story, called “I’ve Had Enough”, teaching them about eating the right amount of food for their size. Those coming along to the sessions will be given a copy of this book for free.

Over the next four weeks people will see posters in the local area, showing pictures of young children with captions highlighting potential consequences of childhood obesity later in life and bring home just how serious the long-term effects of childhood obesity are.

Nicola Benge, Director of Health Improvement at NHS Birmingham East and North, told Heart;

“Recent research shows that one in 10 children in the Birmingham East and North area are obese by the time they start school, and by year six, that figure doubles to one in four in some areas. In today’s society, with easy access to fast food and less opportunity for activity, it is becoming harder to help children to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Parents have told us that they want to do the best for their child and would like the tools to help them achieve the right balance, so these sessions and website offer practical tips for parents on how to make healthy eating and sensible portion sizes a part of everyday family life.”

To find out more, and to register for a place in the groups go to, or call 0121 380 0688.