July 7th Bombings: 5 years on

It's five years to the day since the July 7th bomb attacks in London left 52 innocent people dead.

Suicide attacks on three underground trains and a double decker bus killed 56 people in total including the four bombers, more than 700 were injured.

Former firefighter Paul Dadge from Cannock in Staffordshire was hailed a hero after the bombings.

He was famously pictured leading an injured woman in a mask to safety.

He told Heart that 'like many of the survivors i've been getting on with things and not living life around the events of that day.'

'They have carried on thier lives, I think that's an important thing to remember especially as a message to those thinking of committing terrorist attacks'

He is marking the fifth anniversary by visiting the capital and spending time with other people who were either injured or involved in the rescue effort.