Midland kids lobby Secretary of State


A school in Sutton Coldfield will be making a presentation to to Andrew Mitchell MP and Secretary of State for International Development on Friday, as part of the Global Campaign for Education.

Year Seven students at Fairfax Secondary School will present 250 hand-made scarves to Andrew Mitchell calling on the Government to help children living in poverty around the world to go to school and get an education. 

More than 250 students have been involved in the month-long project for 1Goal:Send My Friend To School, a global campaign running throughout the World Cup, which is calling on all world leaders to bring education to 72 million children by 2015. 

Teacher Louise Clarke, who is Director of Citizenship at Fairfax, said:

"The students have worked really hard to get involved in the 1Goal campaign as part of their lessons in Citizenship.  Over the past month they have been talking to other students, teachers, families and friends about the campaign and it was their idea to produce scarves with signatures and present these to Andrew Mitchell."

"The project has really fired their imaginations and shown them that they can make a difference."

Oxfam is one of the many charities involved in 1Goal alongside other organisations, footballers and fans around the world.  The project is using the power of football to ensure that education for all is one of the results to come out of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 

Up to 72 million children in the world are denied the chance to go to school because they face a lifelong struggle against poverty.  By giving them the chance to go to school and gain an education, they are being given the tools to help themselves. 

Sophia Ireland, Oxfam Youth and Education Campaigner in the Midlands said:

"The students at Fairfax School are a great example of how young people can have their say on a global issue and campaign to make a difference.  As part of 1Goal we want world leaders to keep their promises to make sure that every child gets an education."

"The young people in Sutton Coldfield have been fantastic in getting involved in such an important campaign and we hope other young people and schools will be inspired and join the campaign too."

Students can join in and take the 1GOAL challenge, together with young campaigners in over 100 countries. Learners can send their personal messages to the Prime Minister about the value of education to make sure the issue is a priority.  Schools can sign up to get a free resource pack, containing a film, posters and stickers, plus information about lots more learning resources and case studies available on the Oxfam website.