Mystery Remains Over Wolverhampton Death

West Midlands Police say they still don't know the identity of a woman, whose body was found in the canal basin in Wolverhampton's Broad Street in the early hours of 24 July.

An artist's impression of the woman has now been released.

A post mortem examination revealed the woman died as a result of drowning.

An appeal was launched to help identify the woman and although this generated a number of calls from the public, the woman’s identity still remains a mystery.
Detective Sergeant Carl Russell, from Force CID, said: "We have responded to numerous calls from concerned members of the public since the first description of the lady was published, but the lady still remains unidentified.
"We are asking the communities that surround the area where she was found, particularly in the Whitmore Reans, Park Village, Heath Town and Springfield areas to speak to friends, relatives and neighbours.
"We are hoping that this image provokes a response from people who may have been a little reluctant about contacting a neighbour or the Police.
"This lady wore both traditional engagement and wedding bands, which would indicate she has, or has had a partner. Further tests show that the lady had given birth to a child or children in the past.
"She was dressed appropriately for the weather, and was fit and healthy with no apparent physical marks or scars or abnormalities that could readily identify here.
"She is someone’s relative or loved one and we are imploring people to call us with any information that could help us identify her."
Anyone with information is asked to call Force CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.