New breastfeeding campaign

A new campaign has been launched in the West Midlands - after it was named as the most stressful place to breastfeed publicly in Britain. 

NHS Birmingham East and North has said it is standing up for babies’ rights to be breastfed.

Heart spoke to Jewant Singh, Breastfeeding co-ordinator at NHS Birmingham East and North who said:

 “We want to bring Birmingham to the top of the league for mums who want to breastfeed their children. We know from many studies that breastfeeding is the best start for new babies, but so many mums are put off because they feel they should hide away. We believe babies have the right to be breastfed anywhere at any time, and for that they need the support of their local community.”

This campaign is being used in key areas across the east and north of the city, where local shops, cafes and businesses will be able to pledge their support. Window stickers and posters showing support are being made available so woman can feel more comfortable feeding their babies in these locations.

Posters carrying the pro-breastfeeding messages will also be placed around east and north Birmingham for a fortnight. 

Jewant added:

“So many women feel forced to feed their children in disgusting public toilets, which is no good for the mum or the baby, and it’s just not right.”

Heart has been told that Babies who are not breastfed are more at risk from the following:

-Getting chest and ear infections and having to go to hospital as a result
-Getting constipation
-Becoming obese and therefore developing type 2 diabetes and other illnesses later in life
-Developing eczema