New Mummies

If you're a new mum in the West Midlands then you're not alone if you have loads of questions about how to look after your little one - as nearly 80 per cent of women here feel the same.

Lots worry when it comes to things like teething, weaning and moving around and would like more support and advice according to new research by the Department of Health.

* 78% say their baby’s needs are changing and developing quickly (teething, weaning, moving around) which leads to lots of questions and concerns as to whether they’re doing things right and meeting all of those needs.

* 55% say their partner is less able by this point to get home or be at home to help out.

* 32% say they don’t have any time for themselves.

* Added to this, there is no scheduled contact with health professionals for immunisations or other tests during the five to eight-month period.

* 52% of new mums in the West Midlands hear from family every day after their baby is born in but once the novelty wears off this drops to only a quarter (26%) five months after giving birth.