Diary Of A Quitter

Follow Phillipa's story as she quits smoking.

This year smokers are being encouraged to focus on what they could afford if they were to quit for a day (saving £7), a month (£210) and a year (£2555). The British Heart Foundation have created a phone app so you can figure out how much you could personally save: www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/prevention/smoking.aspx

We're following the progress of a mum of two from Birmingham who has decided to stop smoking once a for all.

11 March 2013

Speaking before her doctors appointment Phillipa told us why she's doing this:

"Mainly health, secondly cost and I don't know why I do it. How guilty can you feel when your kids catch you with a cigarette in your mouth so I have got to do it for the kids."

18th March 2013:

"Been a busy old and stressful week to be honest with you, however I have not caved in. Still using the patches but not so much the inhaler as that was the habit I needed to break. The weight is starting to pile on as eating more, really really really wanted one the other day so to take the craving away I just smelt an un lit one for a few seconds and then moved away lol!

Starting to feel healthier though….have not had a big night out yet with alcohol to really test me though."

25th March 2013:

"All going well……still no real temptations, forgot to put my patch on again the other day but ate loads, so defo need to keep putting the patches on. Went to my no smoking appointment with Paul yesterday and took my youngest son, as last time when I took my eldest he was well proud of me as my carbon monoxide had gone from 30 down to 2, this week my youngest blew into the tube and he read 1, so then it was my turn and I also read 1 so everyone was very happy especially my baby boy who is so very proud of me.

Got a 40th birthday party this weekend and a few nights out so will the temptation come back with a vengeance? I hope not!"


For more information on the benefits of quitting as well as top quit tips visit www.wequit.co.uk.