Olympic rings launch at Birmingham Airport

Passengers flying in to Birmingham Airport will now be able to spot two giant sets of Olympic rings from the sky. 

The rings have been put on the Airport's new Air Traffic Control Tower and can be spotted from the main road between Coventry and Birmingham as it also overlooks the airfield from 28 metres on either side of the airport's new air traffic control tower. 

The set of five measures 3.15m by 6.82m and each ring is 2.13m across and will be lit from the inside at night. 

Paul Kehoe, chief executive of Birmingham Airport which privately funded the installation, said: 

''The Midlands region will have a big role to play during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, so we want everyone flying into Birmingham for the occasion, whether they're athletes, spectators, officials or member of the world's media, to have a special welcome.''

Speaking before the unveiling, London 2012 chairman Lord Coe said: ''The Olympic rings are an iconic symbol, inspiring athletes and uniting people around the world. To athletes, they represent the culmination of thousands of hours of training and reaching the highest level in sport. 

''To visitors travelling to the UK, they will excite and inspire them about the Olympic Games taking place in London and demonstrate that we are ready to welcome the world in 2012.'' 

Edwin Moses, two-time Olympic gold 400m hurdles champion who has been attending the launch says: 

''Seeing the Games celebrated in such an iconic way will be a great inspiration to the athletes training in the region. 

''Knowing that people from across the UK are excited about the summer of sport ahead is great. 

''I'm looking forward to seeing the whole country celebrating the athletes' success in their own ways later this year.''