Poundland Stop Selling Chinese Lanterns

Poundland, who are based in Willenhall in the Black Country, are pulling Chinese lanterns from their shelves after hearing that this weeks huge fire in Smethwick was started by one.

West Midlands Fire Service say they hope other responsible retailers will now do the same.

200 firefighters from right across the Midlands tackled the blaze at a plastic recycling centre in Smethwick this week, a dozen where injured in the fire which started on Sunday night.

CCTV images soon revealed the cause of the blaze as a Chinese lantern.

A spokesperson for Poundland told Heart:

“We constantly review our buying decisions in accordance to what's happening around us.  After hearing the news about the fire in Smethwick we have made a decision to stop selling lanterns to our customers, and recalled all remaining stock from stores."

This amazing picture was taken of the fire by West Midlands Fire Serivce.