Public Inquiry: Julie Bailey's Story

4 February 2013, 15:34 | Updated: 4 February 2013, 19:15

Heart speaks to Julie Bailey who has been campaigning to 'Cure the NHS' for five years, demand changes to the way hospitals are run.

It's after her mum Bella died in the care of Stafford Hospital in 2007. She went into hospital with a Hernia, but after a few days Julie says she was shocked by not only how her mum was being treated but other patients on the ward.

Julie set up a campaign group with other relatives of victims in a similar position and after two independent inquiries she went straight to the Prime Minister to ask for a full Public Inquiry which David Cameron announced in 2010.

The Public Inquiry report is being published on the 6th of February 2013. Heart went to Julie's cafe in Stafford which has become the headquarters for 'Cure The NHS' and she told us her story:

With regard to the clip above where Julie Bailey says she told former Labour MP for Stafford David Kidney back in 2008 the problems at the hospital Mr Kidney explained while giving evidence at the Public Inquiry his response at the time: 

''I thought it required a lot of attention and a lot of work'' is what he said to the inquiry demanding that more nurses were recruited.

In September 2008 he had a meeting with hospital managers about the Healthcare Commission report in which they were warned the results would be negative. He claimed he did not realise how bad it was going to be; and that he was "affronted" that he had not been sent a copy of the draft report.