Secondary Breast Cancer

A Birmingham mum and City Hospital Breast Unit Clerical Worker Melaine Gardner has become the face of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of secondary breast cancer care.

Brave Melaine is fighting secondary breast cancer herself and said about the campaign:

“Secondary breast cancer turned my world upside down. I found out about the Breast Cancer Care website and the support that is out there and realised I was not alone.

This happens to lots of people everyday, so this campaign is important for other people like me who have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer to realise the support available to them and to remember that life goes on.”

Melaine is set to visit the House of Lords on 13th October to officially launch the campaign.

The Breast Unit in the Birmingham Treatment Centre at City Hospital is also supporting Breast Awareness month. Pink balloons, ribbons and bunting adorn the unit, with information leaflets available for women and their loved ones to find out more about breast cancer, and in particular living with secondary breast cancer.

The Breast Unit at City Hospital has organised a raffle and Wii karoke night at the unit, to raise funds for breast cancer care.