Unions Protest outside Tory Party Conference

Unions from across the country have been taking part in a protest march outside the Tory Party Conference on Sunday 7th October- as it comes to Birmingham for the third time.

Those including the TUC, Unite and PCS are protesting against things like spending cuts and the levels of unemployment in the region.

Rob Johnston, Midlands TUC Regional Secretary has been telling us why they're doing it:

“The Government’s economic policies have failed. We warned when the Government came to power that their austerity addiction would choke off growth and lead to a double dip recession. Unfortunately, we have been proved right.  Here in the Midlands we have been seeing the impact of this failed agenda. Sky high youth unemployment, vital services closed and our private sector struggling with the yoke of austerity suffocating demand out of our economy.

We need a future that works. A future that tackles youth unemployment, that reforms banking, that provides housing for all and decent, fair wages so that people can provide for their family.”

It comes as Chancellor George Osborne is expected to say that he's promising to help families with the cost of living. He's due to say the coalition will be targeting the rich with new measures to tackle the deficit.

We're also expecting to find out about plans to freeze council tax for a third year and put a cap on rail fare rises.