West Midlands mum: 'My son has had meningitis 3 times'

A West Midlands mum has been telling Heart how her son has been hit by meningitis 3 times, leaving him deaf.

16 year old Warwick Lynam first had the illness 7 years ago, and was left deaf as a result. Doctors then found a tiny hole at the base of his skull which has left him even more vulnerable to the infections. 

His mum Kirstie said 'Warwick contracted pnuemococcal meningitis when he was nine leaving him deaf. A year later he contracted it again and a hole was discovered in the base of his skull. Pioneering surgery followed to patch the hole, but four years later he contracted the disease again, resulting in loss of feeling across a large part of his face. He is still under investigation. He told me recently he's no longer afraid of death: he's more afraid of what he might have to live with.'

Kirstie is keen for all parents to know the symptoms of the disease and says you should just trust your instincts if you think there's a problem with your child.

She's teamed up with the meningitis research foundation to try and raise awareness in meningitis awareness week which starts today. (Mon 17th)

You can see a full list of symptoms BY CLICKING HERE.