World's BIGGEST bunny

It's the time of year for Easter bunnies - even those that look like they've eaten all the chocolate eggs.

Darius - the world's biggest rabbit - weighs 3 and a half stone and at 4 foot 3 is as tall as a small child.

His owner, Annette Edwards, says he eats 12 carrots, two bowls of rabbit mix, three apples, a cabbage and hay every day.

Darius - easter bunnyMiss Edwards, 59, has bred four of the world's biggest rabbits, all Continental Giants, at her home in Worcester.

The first was 3st 7lb, 3ft 6in Roberto, who took the Guiness World Records crown in 2004 after dwarfing a German contender called Herman.

His 3st mate Amy, who had to swap her hutch for a dog kennel because she measured 4ft, overtook Roberto in 2008 but died of a heart attack last year after travelling to Italy for a TV show.

Two-year-old Alice, one of Amy and Roberto's 32 offspring, claimed the title in September 2009.

And now 13 month old Darius is still growing.