No Smoking Day

1 in 4 people in the UK smoke - with 120 thousand people dying every year from the affects of smoking.

That's why NHS Stop Smoking Services across the West Midlands are calling on smokers to quit today on No Smoking Day.

It's helped hundreds of others give up -and not only save their lives but lots of money as well. A 20 a day smoker could save up to nearly 200 pounds a month, or just over 2 thousand pounds a year if they quit..

Dad-to-be Oliver Yates from Birmigham went to them four months ago and told Heart he kicked the habit: "because my wife's expecting our first baby in June so I wanted to quit for her and my unborn child"

"I use nicotine patches and the gum at the moment..I was told I could use two there are many options out family have been very supportive as well, especially those who smoke, making sure they don't light up around me..and I think I may have even inspired them to trying quitting themselves."

Stephen Pugh from South Birmingham Stop Smoking Service says "you are four times more likely to give up with NHS support"

"It can be a very lonely time so having supportive family around you can help as well as your local Stop Smoking Service who are non-judgemental"

"If you're thinking of quitting today call 0800 0525 855"