Ed and Rachel get fit for summer!

Ed and Rachel both think its time for them to get fit and loose a few pounds ready for the summer.

They have decided not to do the usual diets or gym techniques but try out the more unsual and less known methods.

Every week they will try a different activity and report back to you on how it went. We'll be honest....we are hoping from some useful information from Rachel and an excuse to laugh at Ed!


WEEK 1 - Zumba

Zumba involves dance styles from all around the world with some added Zumba flavour!

Its a booty shaking workout to burn away those calories and get that bikini body in no time! Set to a Latin rhythm and is typically taught in a party atmosphere with dimmed lights and loud music.

The classes should be fun, energizing and easy to follow, regardless of fitness level. 

The principle behind Zumba seems to be that is it is incredibly simple. There are no complicated moves to learn and you don’t need the co-ordination of a standard aerobics class – or the partner you’d require for a traditional salsa class.

We have also heard the music is so infectious that you barely even notice you’re exercising! Brilliant!

Ditch the workout join the party! For more information, visit www.virginactive.co.uk

So how did the guys do.....



Is Zumba for you? -

If you enjoy high energy, motivating music, and like to try unique moves and combinations then Zumba may be your ticket to your beach bod!


WEEK 2 - Wobble away

Wobble Away lets you lose weight the easy way with Vibration plates!

Just 20 mins on a vibration plate is equivalent to a 1 hour workout in the gym - without the sweat.

It’s a great way to stay in shape, build muscle tone, fight cellulite, increase blood circulation, burn calories and have fun in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. 

The Vibration Plate works by producing vibration which the body converts into energy. This stimulates the muscles then produces a ‘stretch flex’ reaction, making exercise more productive over a shorter time.

Its great fun and when you feel it wobbling you know its working!

So how did the guys do.....



Is Wobble away for you? -

If your not a fan of the gym and dont have much time then this is definalty one for you to try!

WEEK 3 - Kettle Bell Training

The kettlebell is the latest fitness product in the fitness market. We have heard that there is a lot that you can gain from kettlebell workout routines. The right kettlebell exercises incorporate muscle strengthening, aerobic and flexibility training elements. The one thing to remember about kettlebells is that they are a dangerous piece of kit.  When you swing a 44lb weight around in the air you need to have some idea of how to handle it. Thats why we went to the experts!!!

Are the Kettle Bells for you?

Ed and Rach both think this is the best work out they have done so far. In 15 minutes they felt they had burnt of more than any of the other fitness challenges. The only down side is waking up in pain!!!


If you know any other unsual ways to get fit get in touch and let us know!