11/03/2013 - I Love You

Apparently it takes an average of 88 days to say I Love you to someone! When Ed's partner told him she loved him, he replied with 'I Think I do'!

What happened when you heard or said those magic words?

My hubby used to say Thank you when I told him I love you 'till I stopped saying it. 

I told my girlfriend I loved her after about 3 months - it might even have been 88 days. She said she didn't want to say it to me 'til she really felt it. I was slightly taken aback but she said it 2 weeks later & we're getting married next year.

The second time I told my now husband I loved him he said I know you told me that yesterday!!! 

My ex partner used to say I love you and I used to reply that's understandable. lol!

My girlfriend told me she loved me after 4 weeks, I drove home and never contacted her again. As far as she knows I'm on an oil rig in the North Sea.

After 8 months together, I told my boyfriend I loved him. It's now been three months and he still hasn't called back.

My partner told me he loved me, and asked me to marry him after 3 months we have been married 36 years and have 2 kids and 4 grandkids and are very happy.

Ouch, some tricky situations there.

We still love you here at Heart Breakfast!

We're back Tuesday morning, wrap up warm today - some blizzards around!