15/10/12 - Ridiculous Email Addresses

Emails! We all use it and now they're all boring and professional looking.

Guess who Ed had an email from the other day? You'd think someone quite famous but no, it was his son Jack! He was in the same room too! His email address is just his name! We thought it might sound more cool if his email was jackinthebox or something like that!

What ridiculous email addresses have you had, either from when you were young or something you were forced to have because there was no other choice!?

Here are some of your ridiculous emails addresses which you text into the studio!

I had an email account with AOL years ago kuntakinty, my mother was sharpshister@lol x 

Mine is monkeymad1066@ I made that when i was 11  

Hi Ed n Rachel. My 1st email was with ao-hell! I wanted scouse girl but was saddled with scouse git!! Bit of a difference lol

My first email was grandmaschickensalad@........ In honour of joey from friends making everything sound dirty!!!!! It was one of the things he said and at the time i thought it was hilarious.... I am now a teacher and not quite so funny or clever now!!!!

My email address minesabreezer when I was young, free, single and skint.

My son James is now a teacher and his email address is diet_coke_of_evil!? Apparently it is a line from a film?

Some hilarious ones there! Thanks for getting in touch. We'll be back tomorrow morning and don't forget, there's another chance to see the fabulous Lionel Richie just before 7.30am!!

Happy Monday,

Ed & Rachel x

Ed and Rachel