22/10/12 - Women with Dolls

Welcome to a new week, hope you all had a great weekend!

Today, you may have noticed that Ed's not in the studio, that's because he's on holiday with the rest of the kids for half term term week! Joining Rachel all week is the lovely Julian Jones!

Today we discovered Cheryl had bought Katy Perry a doll for her birthday. Of course, it's a sweet gesture, but we can't figure out if it's also a little weird or not? A grown woman who likes dolls?

So we asked you all to come forward! Come on then, own up ladies, who still has dolls? Do you collect them?

Here are some of your stories

Not all girls like dolls - even as a kid, if I was given one, it was likely to end up decapitated, and those daft make up head dolls girls were given ended up war-painted!!!! I preferred cars!!! I don't decapitate things anymore by the way - I'm a nurse!!!!

Nooo I hate dolls ! In particular the old fashioned porcelain faced ones. Ugh!

I have a cabbage patch doll with pink wool hair that was given to me as a baby almost 27 years ago I called her pinky and I will keep her always.

Still have my Tiny Tears, she is 46 years old, still love dolls, 1st thing I bought for my granddaugter

Hate them....think they are evil....clowns scare the hell out of me aswell...

I don't have dolls but i do have around 150 teddies and around 70 rubber ducks.

Thanks for getting in touch. Hmm a mixed bag of reactions with some teddies and rubber ducks chucked in!

We're not quite sure what to think of that! See you bright and early tomorrow morning!

Julian & Rachel

Ed and Rachel