8% of Girls Carry What in Their Handbag?

This morning, we discovered that 8% of girls carry this item in your handbag.

It's not a phone, (too obvious) hammer, mirror, latex gloves, nor this guess from Ian...

8% of girls carry what in their handbag - Ian

We can reveal that 8% of girls carry...

Hand Bag Reveal

Also on today's show, we shared with you that Ed's partner Den, has given him access to a separate bank account.n He's a hen picked husband! Here are some of your hen-pecking stories!...

We have separate bank accounts, but his account is joint with my name, i pay all his bills ... he has NO access to my account.

I have my own account nobody knows about on top of the kitchen cupboards secret stash never hurt anyone!

I'm completely in charge in our house I most definitely wear the trousers.

My dad would hide his money in the cistern pull. He said my mom had her hands on his money everyday but couldn't spend it!

Thanks for your stories, looks like Ed's not alone!

See you when you wake up!