Back To Work Bingo

Bingo Boards

Oh it's hard January isn't it? Dark mornings, awful traffic, cold air, the sniffles. It's all stacked against us. What we need is something to lighten the mood… something like a game of bingo!

The rules are simple. Print out the card below and just cross out the phrases as you hear them. The board is made up of a range of those cliche things that your co-workers are bound to say when you see them after the festive break.

It's not too late to play either - you're bound to still in bump into some people who took a slightly longer break. Or you'll go and visit Marjorie in accounts for the first time since your return and need something to fill the time while she pours over your expenses claim with a fine tooth comb.

Perhaps play with some like minded colleagues and award a prize for the person who gets house first? You could use up some of those boxes of chocolates you couldn't shift during your holiday!

Bingo Card

With Ed and Rachel's Back To Work Bingo you'll never feel the same way about coming back to work again!