The best and worst proposals EVER!

On the Breakfast show Ed and Rachel were talking about some of the best and worst proposals EVER! So we decided to compile a list of the top 5 worst proposals and the top 5 best. 

See what you think here:

Top 3 best proposals:

1. A man proposed to his partner on a log ride… but she had no idea until they collected their souvenir photo! Lawrence Key persuaded his friends to hold up pieces of paper spelling out ‘Will you marry me?’ with an arrow pointing to Sophie Stock sitting in the front of the flume.

As soon as she set eyes on the picture, Lawrence dropped on to one knee and she said yes! Then Lawrence swept her off her feet and whisked her away to Rome for a romantic three-day city break.

2. The proposal on the London Tube. 


3. The live lip-singing proposal to Bruno Mars' 'Marry Me'

The top 3 worst proposals: 

1. A man makes his girlfriend wait for a very long time in McDonalds... 

2. A Russian business man decided to fake his own death to test how much his girlfriend loved him, before he proposed to her. Surprising (even after she thought he had died) she still said yes!

3. A man pretends to fall to his death whilst proposing...