04/03/2013 - Awkward Questions Children Ask

Today is the big day, raising money for seriously ill children through loads of raffles, auctions and guests.

Over the weekend Ed's son asked him, "What's a lap-dancing club dad?" - to which Ed proceeded to go red in the face and wasn't quite sure how he should answer! 

So we decided to ask you if you had ever been asked any awkward questions by children. Nicky was asked a very awkward question by her son, you can listen back to how she replied here:

Listen Again: The Awkward Questions Children Ask

Here are some of your funniest texts: 

My 3year old daughter said " mommy i know how babies are made ..... But how did you get the bones in your tummy ..." !!!  - Sue
My son Tom asked what a three some was, I said it was a party for only three people but nobody else is invited - Nicky 
My three year old grandson asked his expecting mum, where is the door for the baby to get out of her tummy?