07/12/12 - Back To A 5 Day Week

We're back to a full working 5 day week. Bad times for all!

Most people are going to be asking you how your New Year and Christmas was, even though it was ages ago.

Answering these questions can get quite boring, so we thought why not make up some more extravagant responses.

Here’s what you will be saying to your friends and colleagues today…

I was abducted by aliens; it was out of this world.

I got married to George Clooney.

I spent Christmas and New Year with The Queen at Buckingham Palace, playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with real money!

I got a hover taxi for Christmas, to beat the floods.

Thanks for getting in touch this morning, I’d love a hover taxi!

Also on the show this morning we’ve launched Who’s on Heart and this time, the jackpot is £125,000! Make sure you keep listening to hear the clips.