05/12/12 - Glynn Purnell Launches Pie Idol

After a debate about mince pies, Pie Idol was born...

This morning, we had a hefty debate about mince pies. Does anyone actually like them? Or do we just eat them cause they're there? Ed doesn't like them, but Rachel loves them.

You all got involved too...

I eat mince pies and christmas cake all year round. Love Greggs mince pies.

My hubby and I love mince pies! He has to have two at a time. But not those sweet shop-bought ones, I make them, and they are gorgeous! X 

I never eat mince pies totally hate them, but always eat one to have good luck next year.

Mince pies YES. Already polished off 3 boxes.

Then, Top TV Chef Glynn Purnell heard the arguments and Pie Idol was born.

Click the article below...we CANNOT wait!

Thanks for waking up with us