06/12/12 Weird Places To Go Into Labour

Someone went into labour at a Peter Andre gig! We were on the hunt to find out where is the weirdest place someone has gone into labour.

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Here are some of your stories about going into labour at unusual places...

Guys my water broke whilst shopping for curtains for the nursery! Panicking women were running around asking me what I needed. I said a bloody toilet!

My friends waters broke when she was at work. She was the only female in the office & had to walk past them all to get out! 

My wife went into labour at my granddads funeral

My waters broke in the kingfisher shopping centre while I wad stood listening to Carol singers. Merry Christmas.

I went into labour in Sainsburys, Bridgnorth. When I came out they had given me a parking ticket.

I was recently (oct) on a plane to South Africa when a ladies waters broke on the plane and she had a baby boy on board. Apparently I was told the baby gets free flights for life.

My waters broke at my friends wedding at Wolverhampton Molineux! My friend doing her first dance as ambulance arrived, she offered to come with me, She hugged me as I was 'leaking' on her dress!!

I was watching the F1 at Silverstone

Thanks for all your stories and for waking up with us.

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