08/01/13 - Awkward Arguing Places

If you haven't heard the big celebrity goss yet, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have broke up after 65 days...

The worst part is that they had an might row on holiday and both went in their own direction (pun intended) with Taylor jumping on the first flight home.

So we asked, where is the most awkward place to have an argument?

In the delivery room my husband asked how long do you think it will take booked a round of golf. Massive argument.

In the car, you can't get away!

At the alter because he forgot to pick up my friend from station.

Most awkward argument? At my 1st wedding whilst having our photographs taken!!!!! Because I was getting more attention than him!! Hahaha

At the wedding rehearsal when the vicar said 'shall I add may you be blessed with children'. I said No, my ex said Yes. 

#Awkward indeed. Had to get the hashtag in there they were that awkward.

We'll speak to you when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel