08/11/12 - The Weird Ways You've Broke Your Phone

We've got a survey about the weird insurance claims for mobile phone replacements! Some of them are out of this world!

So we asked you this morning, what are the weird ways in which you broke, damaged or lost your phone?

Here are some of your stories...

l accidentally flushed My phone down the toilet. It was In my hand and when I flushed the toilet, dropped it and was gone In a second!

Left my phone on tray of oven chips and put it in the oven for 20 mins!

Hi guys, I dropped mine in to a tub of plaster whilst mixing and talking. The customer heard me swear just as it got broken by the mixer!

My puppy ate it! Made him sick too hence large vet bill!

I dropped my phone in a birth pool when a lady was in having her baby in there from an anonymous midwife hee hee phone still works!

I have cut the top off it with a chain saw whilst it was in my pocket

WOW. Thanks for your stories! If this was a competition, we think we have to give it the chainsaw text purely on the danger factor!

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