11/12/12 - Men Taking Charge at Christmas

How would Christmas be different if men were in charge?

Yes, Santa is in charge of the world when it comes to Christmas, but what if a man was in charge of your household? How would it be different?

Here is how you all imagine it...

If my other half had his way my Xmas pressies would be in a supermarket carrier bag.

Turkey wouldn't be cooked either raw or incinerated. 

Oh lord if men were in charge we'd all be eating those Xmas dinner in a can!

It would be a lot less stressful, worrying, fretting, moaning, grumpy, swearing, no burning of the turkey and roasters, in short folks xmas under the charge of a man would b perfect

If men where in charge of Christmas. It would only happen every 4 years

And the most frequent suggestion is...it would be in the pub!

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