13/02/2013 - Broken Resolutions

We started the New Year with so many good intentions and resolutions, lets see how many of you have managed to keep them. If you haven't done so well, there's always next year!

Or if you're feeling brave, you can give lent a go from today.

I gave up giving things up years ago and it works a treat i'm still sticking to it now.

I attempted to give up buying shoes, then the January sales hit - I failed!!!

I'm going to try and give up Diet Coke for Lent, I lasted three days at Christmas!

I once tried to give up sweets, until my sister bought me a bag of Haribo after a week.

I'm trying to be healthy for lent. Goodbye unhealthy food my good friend, will see you in 40 days.

Going to give up chocolate/cake/sweets for lent. Never gonna happen seeing as I bought myself an Easter egg yesterday.

I'm giving up takeaways to try and look like Mila Kunis.

Good luck for lent, I tried to have a dry January and failed on day 5 at a friend's party!!

Don't forget we're still trying to bake a whopping 100,000 cakes for a brilliant cause.

Check out all the info on Bake A Wish here.

We're back on Thursday, not long 'til the weekend now!