13/11/12 - Celeb Dreams and Lick My Landmark

Ed had a dream that Tom Daley was teaching him how to dive!

He remembers him being a really nice guy too! He was very patient and really wanted Ed to do a good dive! How random!

So we asked you, what celebrity dreams have you had?

Here are some of your stories...

I dreamt that I was being robbed by Jean Christoph Novelli!

I once dreamt that Madge and Harold bishop were being eaten by a snake!

I dreamt that Gary Barlow refused to get in the shower with me and replied "there's plenty of women I could have a shower with"

I dreamt that Danny from Mcfly saved me from a murder!

I dreamt Usain Bolt was trying to persuade me to recreate some scenes from 50 shades of Grey with him!

In my dream, I was given a restraining order by Sting. I'm not even that keen!

I had a dream I was having a panic attack in a supermarket and a man took me to one side to make sure I was OK  When I looked up it was Gary Barlow. I was actually gutted when I woke up and it wasn't true! Never wanted a panic attack so much in my life!

Thanks for your stories! Ed's dream is tiny compared to your crazy dreams!

Also on today's show, Rachel told us that she'd licked 6 more landmarks. She's about half way through her challenge and she's only licked 15 in total! If she licks at the same rate, she will only be up to 30 so a Lick My Landmark road trip is on the agenda today.

Here's what Rachel has licked so far.

We'll keep you updated, thanks for waking up with us.

Ed and Rachel