Breakfast Blog: Baby Names

Julian was in for Ed today, and his friend is naming his son Arthur!!

Old names are back in again - do you know anyone with an old fashioned name?

My niece who is 15 months old is called Nellie Florence. I think it's beautiful just like her. (She was named after our Nan)

Both my husband and I are teachers so when I found out I was expecting we found that a lot of names reminded us of children we had taught! I have two boys, Henry and Arthur 8 and 6 years old. 

We have two sons called BILLY & TED!

My Step Brother's two kids are Stanley & Mabel I think they are lovely names. 

We have my nephew who is Noah Isaac Arthur and we also have a Betsy Alice. 

My two little cousins are called Frank and Albert and Frank's best friend is called Gilbert. :) Albert was going to be an Iris if he was a girl!

My nephews little boy is Alfie he's 4!

My niece had baby girl and called her Betsy-blue and my nephew called his daughter Gracie-May.

My daughter is called Esther Rose.

My mate has just called his new daughter Flo.

I named my daughter Hettiemay!

Alice, George, Henry, Grace, Amelia & Florence - my babies x

My brother and his partner have just named their newborn Audrey.

Stanley is my brother in law's nephew.

My son is named Freddie after his great grandad Frederick.

A friend has just had a girl & called her Edith. I have another friend with 2 sons Frank & Eric.

My nephews are Stanley Arthur, Eddie George and Reggie William x

We've got Jack, George , Charles, Alfie, Archie , Lilly, at our school.

My son is called Spencer & my nephew's called Dougie.

Dorothy , Edith , Archie , Victoria, Annie ,Frederick, May and Florence.

You heard it here first, old fashioned names are all the rage!

We're back tomorrow which is FRIDAY!!! Which means it's basically the weekend! x