15/02/2013 - Valentines Aftermath

How was yours then? Did you get any cards, flowers or choccie?

All I got was a dentist bill.

No cards but I can assure you it was the best evening ever.

I received a card yesterday, but it was only to say the window cleaner had been.

I had a valentine text would you ring the number and find out who it is for me?

I had a lovely valentines day and was spoilt rotten, it was also my 15 th wedding anniversary yesterday.

My arms ached from carrying valentines gifts home from the school... For my kids!!! We don't bother ourselves.

Me and my husband got my mum in to babysit so we could go out... and do our two hours of body combat and body blast - very romantic!

I thought I had got valentines sorted, flowers chocs, only for the wife to say thanks for the card, to my husband!!! Doh.

I got 4 bills in the post and no cards :(

Seems like we need to try harder next year, but don't worry - we still love you!!

Have a great weekend, Ed and Rachel are back on Monday! x