18/02/2013 - Inappropriate Flirting

We're back from our holidays, just in time for International flirting week. Something we suspect Ed is very familiar with! Spill the beans, where's the most inappropriate situation or place you've been chatted up?

I got flirted with at a pantomime, by a bloke who was there as a carer.

I was flirted with by a 14 year old girl at at youth club where I work. I was so embarrassed I could feel my face burning up. Problem is I'm 30.

Ok so how inappropriate is it to go to my close friends Dad's funeral, only to have my close friends husband hit on me at the wake! Dead bad that! ;)  

Zoe from Portsmouth got chatted up in a sauna while all hot and sweaty! 

At the undertakers!!

When I was 7 months pregnant (and the size of a whale!) in a nightclub watching a UB40 tribute. Euggghhh!

My daughter thinks I'm too friendly especially when I started singing to a man whilst travelling on the travelator at Asda.

Over the fish counter in Morrison's

On the garage forecourt, I was putting petrol in my car!

My uncle flirted with the nurse whilst  my aunt was giving birth - to twins! 

A lifeguard at the swimming pool! A very creepy one at that!!

A Public Toilet !!

At his own wedding!!!!

A hotel bar on his honeymoon!

In the swimming pool lol

In the back of an ambulance !

Watching a pantomine.

Oh dear, some criminal flirters out there!

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See you Tuesday morning! x