19/02/2013 - Mind The Gap

Women like their men taller, but what's the gap between you and your partner?

I'm 5"6 he's 5"11 he's 17st I'm NOT. 

7 inches.

I'm 5ft 11, he's 6ft1 lol.

I'm 5'7" and he is 5'8" - but I tend to wear v high heels and he doesn't (in public!!)

He's 5ft 9" or 5ft 10" i'm 4 ft 9" I find standing on the stairs is a bonus.

I'm 4 ft 9 he's 6 ft 4 great to take food shopping with!

Im 5.3 and half.....hes 6.1...(the half makes a difference!!)

I'm 5ft 10 and my ex husband is 5ft 7!!! It was never going to work ;)

I am 5ft 6 and my lovely partner is only 5ft 3.

I'm 5' 4 and my wife Helen is 6' 2 and very buxom. She wanted us to start ballroom dancing but I was worried about the large overheads. :P

My son is 6ft 7 and his girlfriend is 5 ft 3!

Seems like we've proved the theory of women liking men 8 inches taller wrong!

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