19/11/12 - Lets Celebrate Man!

It's International Men's day today, so on the show we're celebrating all things man.

Rachel would love to celebrate the fact that men can reach things without standing on a chair, lame but true!

So we asked you, what else would you celebrate man for? Why are the male species so great?

Here are some of your suggestions...

Always goes up the bar to get the drinks  

The best thing about men is their romantic gestures 

Hi guys! Men can open jars!

Carrying heavy things (visits to Ikea r easier)

Men are easy to trick into making you a cup of tea 

Men can go to the loo standing up or sitting down , and we are never miserable once a month .  

Men know how to turn the water off when you have burst frozen pipes and then go on to fix them and not go into a major flap:-)

Who said men aren't multi-talented? We make good cups of tea, take the bins out and open jars!

Also on today's show, Rachel had a HUGE announcement to make...

Rachel's HUGE Lick My Landmark Announcement

2 working weeks left, will she do it?

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