20/11/12 - Thing's You've Kept...

Ed went to the dentist yesterday. They unexpectedly pulled out his tooth and asked him if he wanted to keep it...

His reply? "Na, it's alright, you have it!"

Which made us wonder, why would you want to keep it, but people must do!

So we asked you... Have you ever kept anything that used to be a part of you?

Here are some of the strange, slightly scary thing's you've kept...

I used to be a trainee dental nurse and I used to keep all the teeth we pulled out. I kept them in a jewellery box, and unfortunately I was broken into and the jewellery box was stolen....imagine their faces when they opened it!!!!

Toe nail that dropped off after running New York marathon!

My daughter kept my dads false knee joint when he had it replaced and took it to school to show her friends. She was about 10 at the time.

I have the pins screws and plates that held my foot on after a trip down a mountain broke my ankle.

42 staples after brain surgery

I've got a foreign body that was taken out of my elbow over 15 years ago, it looks like a piece of popcorn. it's in a small bottle in my dresser draw x 

l've kept my sons first scab. It's taped in his baby book and the umbilical cord that fell off - l thought l was quite normal until l took the book into work and everyone gasped ha ha!

I have kept both my kids umbilical cords. The bit that dropped off with the clamp. I also have all my sons milk teeth. My daughter is 26 and my son is 18. I kept them in the plastic container from the inside of a Kinder Egg.

We love that last one! Imagine if you thought it was an actual Kinder Egg toy! Oh the horror! Thank you for your suggestions.

Here's a Tuesday treat for you. The West Midlands most accurate news*

Not The News

*This may not be true

Thanks for waking up with us. Speak to you tomorrow!

Ed and Rachel