21/02/2013 Birthday Party

Posh & Becks have hired out an ENTIRE cinema for Cruz's birthday! My son's 10th is coming up and I have no idea how to top that.

Got any ideas to help me out?

How about climbing and caving at Wolf Mountain or a meet and feed the animals at Dudley zoo?

What about a science party with Supreme Science, they come to you and carry out with the kids some science experiments. 

Laser quest followed by McDonald's! That will make you the best dad ever, until next year anyway. 

Party ideas: tobogganing, snow tubing or ice skating at the SnowDome in Tamworth! I have a ten yr old boy who loves all three!

National Space Centre in Leicester.


Breakfast with the macaques at Trentham Monkey forest, great for your little monkeys and you can take mine :D


A messy play party - kids love messy play!

DVD & pizza in the living room, kids have to sit still in cinemas! At least if they don't like the film you can have a plan B!


Hmmmm... Are you having jelly and ice cream?

I'm thinking a big screen in the back garden... but will probably need a marquee and loads of patio heaters too!

Monkeys, and pizza?! I think i'll be able to pull something out of the bag.

We're back on FRIDAY!!! Not long 'til the weekend now. x