21/11/12 - Stepping Up The Licking...

Rachel has been touring the West Midlands again with her tongue, and this time Stratford gets a good licking!

She's licked most of Birmingham, a lot of Coventry and a little bit of Redditch, but now Rachel has tasted Stratford upon Avon! Here's a reminder of why she's licking stuff!

The home of William Shakespeare, the Lick My Landmark adventure would not be complete if Rachel didn't taste the man himself, check out the latest landmark lickages!

Rachel is on a roll at the moment, so Ed decided to throw a spanner in the works by suggesting that she hasn't managed to lick anything alive yet! So today involves a trip to the Sea Life Centre. We'll keep you updated with what happens!

Also on today's show, we learnt that half of all couples argue whilst shopping! Expect to hear lots of rowing as it comes closer to Christmas then!

Thanks for waking up with us, we'll speak to you tomorrow!

Ed and Rachel