22/02/2013 - Pet Names

Officially the weirdest name for a dog is 'Chicken Fish' - we've been finding out what insane names you have for your pets!

My grandchildren have a goldfish they have called WINDOWHEAD ! 

My little boy had a hamster for his 4th birthday and called him pin-head!!!!!! I have no idea why.

My cats called mooface, chicken head, fish stick dumplings. 

Pino & grigio. Are my two black cats it was a toss up against Jimmy & Hendrix.

Our cat is called Mrs Sarah Whiskerson!

My son Archie named his hamster Hot Wheels Bongo And my little staffie is called Barbera.

Honey Sheer Khan and Sherbet Dip our cats are called.

I have a friend who has a ginger cat called Clive. I have a border collie and his name is Sky.

Got a cat called Haribo, Got his head stuck in a bag when we first had him so that was his name.

my nephew's named their hamster Sonic after Sonic the hedgehog. but it was Sonic the hamster lol

Had two fish and they were an xmas pressie for my daughter so she named one Tinsel and the other Turkey lol

I had a cat called cooking fat!!

Rabbits called marsh and mallow!

There are definitely some weirder names than Chicken Fish there!!

Thanks for sharing your crazy pet names with us - have a great weekend we're back on Monday x