23/11/12 - West Midlands Place Names

There's a trend going where celebrities are naming their babies after a place!

Alicia Keys with baby Egypt, Reese Witherspoon with baby Tennessee, so we HAD to ask you this morning...

What place names in the West Midlands would make great kids names? We quite like Stratford for a boy, it sounds strong!

Here are some of your suggestions...

I have a daughter called India who is now 11. Lord Montgomery also had a daughter called India. I also have a friend called Sheldon because that's where he was conceived 40 years ago.

How about Henley for a girl, or Fenton for Boy :-)

Morning guys. Acocks green is the place that springs to mind. Can just hear that in class!

Warwick, Olton and Knowle for a boy. Shirley or Hollywood for a girl.

First name Bentley, surname Bridge

How about Gornal and to add a bit of snobbery to it you can put Upper before Gornal 

That has to be my favourite text of the day! Thanks for your West Midlands Place Names!

Also on the show, we played another game of Tweet Who. If you're new to this game, have a listen and join in!

Tweet Who - 23/11/12

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Ed and Rachel