24/01/2013 - Snow Angels

From your neighbour, to a random passer by - there are some real Snow Angels who've been helping to scrape your car and get you where you need to go in these treacherous conditions.

We've been commending those fantastic people this morning!

I would just like to thank the snow angels that came to my aid when I slipped and fell on Upper Bull street yesterday. I would like to say there are really kind people out there.

I cleaned my neighbours snow off her car!

Thanks to Jane and David who take my children in to and from school when I can't get my car out of road because of the snow.

Huge thank you to a man named Steve Taylor who came my rescue when I fell over yesterday, sat home now with my leg in plaster!

Driving over the Beacon on Friday, Barr beacon staff and students were pushing cars up the hill (including mine!)  

Our caretaker Helen is a real snow angel she has worked really hard to make sure that the school and childrens centre are safe for us all to use. She even cleared 3 carparks to keep us open.

I'd like to thank snow angel Richard for pushing my car in the snow to jump start it and nearly getting a hernia because I'd left the handbrake on! 

My neighbours dog took a slash on my drive, which helped with the de-icing a bit!

Every morning my retired neighbour has cleared/scraped by car windows for me.....he is a star!!

My dad has been out clearing the road after every downfall. So that all the residents of our close can get out! Even more inspiring is that he is in his 70s! And with little thanks. So here it is Thanks Dad!!

Our lovely neighbour has pushed our car twice this week out of our avenue. Thank you.

There are some absolute stars out there, thank you for helping out those stuck in the snow this week!!

We're back on FRIDAY!!! - Get ready for the weekend! x