24/10/12 - James Bond Innuendo and How Did You Get That Black Eye?

It's was the world Premiere of Skyfall last night, so we play a game with Julian with some classic James Bond Clips!

Heart were there and you can check out all the latest photos here!

Have a Heart charity regional premiere at the brand new IMAX at Cineworld Broad Street Birmingham tomorrow, so we decided to play a James Bond Innuendo game. We have 3 classic James Bond quotes, but Rachel has thrown some smut in there that's she's made up! Will Jones, Julian Jones know his Bond from Bondage?

 James Bond Innuendo Game

More Bond-bardment on the show, Pierce Brosnan has got a black eye while filming an action scene for his new film. We reckon he got it by opening a door in his face! So we asked you, what ridiculous ways have you been given a black eye? 

Here are some of your hilarious stories

I got a black eye from mini golf. Someone was doing a massive swing and I was stood behind!! 

My "so called" mate gave me a little nudge towards a barmaid I fancied. She was under the Christmas tree turning the lights off. I missed her and landed on the metal base of the tree face first. Nice shiner !!

At six foot six and 19 stone I got a black eye and a knock out from a 1 stone west highland terrier pup! Cred gone!!

I was lying on the couch looking at photos in my camera when I dropped it straight on my eye. I managed to hold on to the wrist strap so the camera bounced off my face but still left a lovely black right eye!!!

I got a black eye and broken nose cos when I opened the ironing board I pulled it towards me, it jammed and bang straight into face, I fell forward onto floor and broke nose. 2 black eyes looked like Rocky.

I got a black eye when I went to Evesham high school from falling into a chair in the common room, it really hurt and all my friend Sarah could do was laugh!

And this one has to be one of my favourite stories - I got a black eye when I was 5 from running around with a kaleidoscope with my other eye shut.

Thanks so much for getting in touch! It seems that every one in the West Midlands are walking around with black eyes!

We'll speak to you tomorrow! It's your last chance to win tickets to the Regional Skyfall Premiere! Make sure you're listening!

Julian & Rachel

Ed and Rachel