25/01/2013 - Buble's Having A Baby

We're all very excited, and it got us thinking... who will be next in the celeb world to have a child?

Here are some of your Mystic Meg style predictions -

Caroline Flack

Katie Price !!  

Could it be Suebo? HEHE! ;)

Janet street porter

Who knows, it could literally be anyone!!

Some of you are pretty low on cash at the moment - pay day has been too long!!

So we opened the bank of Heart to give you a bit of money to help you get the essentials.

You do need some really random items!

My 4 cats need food!

I need some tea bags, the world can't start without a cuppa and i'm drying the old ones in the airing cupboard.

I would put the fiver on my electric meter for these cold cold nights!!!

A loaf and a tin of beans.

Baby oil.

I need some quilted toilet roll desperately!

We've just run out of cereals. I would buy coco pops and mini chocolate weetabix with a fiver!!!

Happy Friday!! Have a good weekend - see you on Monday x