25/02/2013 - Have A Heart Appeal Week

We had some lovely guests visit us this morning, who have been making tons of cakes for Bake A Wish.

Ed and Rachel Bake A Wish


Lucy from Birmingham City Council baked 100 cakes!!

Mandy and Charlotte baked 28 cakes and sold them to their neighbors and friends.

Steph made 304 cakes and sold them at Milking Bank Primary School!

Emma made 100 cakes and sold them at her workplace.

It was great to have them in the studio with us - and to thank them for all their baking efforts!!

There's still time to get baking if you haven't already - get more info on what you can do here.

We also had a brand new play of Michael Buble's new song - It's A Beautiful Day.

What did you think?

I am in love a bit of Buble.

Buble never fails to disappoint me.

Buble rocks! That's made my morning! Thanks guys! 

Love it! 

Looks like It's A Beautiful Day is definitely going to be a big hit!!

We're back on Tuesday, with some more Bake A Wish guests x